Professor Trevor W Stone

B.Pharm., Ph.D., D.Sc., F.B.Ph.S., Hon. F.R.C.P.

Professor Stone is a pharmacologist and neuroscientist with a history of working on adenosine and related purines, glutamate and NMDA receptors, the kynurenine pathway and the biology of serine proteases.

In 2018 he was awarded the European Musajo Medal by the International Society for Tryptophan Research (ISTRY) for his discovery of the pharmacological activity of the kynurenine pathway and subsequent investigations


At 1 January 2024, Trevor Stone had published 449 full research papers in peer-reviewed journals, and 13 books. His Google H-factor score is 75, with approximately  24,000 citations to his work.



Trevor Stone has a wide range of experience in biomedical research. His own research has included in vitro and in vivo studies ranging from cell cultures to clinical collaborations.

Popular Science

In 2000, Professor Stone authored a book for lay audiences on the mechanisms by which drugs act. A  key feature was relating how many currently used drugs were originally discovered.

Industry Interaction

Professor Stone has substantial experience in interactions with the pharmaceutical industry, acting as a consultant for research projects and advisor in pharmaceutical development.